Another benchmark for the world of the renewable energy are the systems for the Biogas production, which are real plants where the processes of production are highly computerised. The main services offered by V3 Elettro Impianti are:

  • Implementations:
    – Laying of cable installation of the plant itself (according to planning instructions).
    – Establishment electrical system (switchboards and wirings at the service of the technical rooms, offices, warehouses, special establishments, users, electrical generators, emergency lights, etc.).
    – Other systems at the establishment’s service (f.e. alarm systems,data networks, video surveillance, etc. in cooperation with specialized partners).
  • Ordinary/Scheduled Maintenance:
    – Operation check, with periodicities linked to the best practice.
    – Measures of earthing/grounding resistances.
    – Other test and measurements can be negotiated on demand, given that our company has a number of measuring tools, certified and calibrated.
  • Extraordinary/Urgent Maintenance:
    – Prompt intervention for the urgent reactivation of the electrical functionality of the establishment.