Controlling your home with only your voice is now possible. The solution is VoicePod!

What is that about?
VoicePod identifies two different type of products, which are independent one from another and both allow to vocally control the house: the first one is Taple Top, which is a desktop device, which is not available in the italian language, yet. The other one is VoicePod Mobile, which is an application for tablet and smartphone, customizable and available in the italian language too!

How does it work?
VoicePod is a smart vocal assistant which integrates itself inside home automation systems and allows to control the house by pronouncing simple vocal commands. Say “Hello VoicePod” or press the botton “Speak” and pronounce your request on your mobile phone or tablet.

What is it able to do?
VoicePod allows you to control lights, shades and curtains, air-conditioning (HVAC), multimedia systems, security and much more. You can make it set up the room’s temperature and the specific degrees, what channel to tune in or directly the channel’s name. Furthermore, VoicePod Mobile also answer questions such as “what is the room’s temperature?” Watch it in action!

Voicepod Mobile features
With the VoicePod’s application it is possible to include the room’s name inside the vocal command (for instance, “Turn the bedroom lights on please”), so all the main functions for each room are always available, thus allowing to control the whole house. It is also possible to customize the command phrases and the app’s answers in order to be able to speak to the house as if it was a family member. The app has a history of activities and allows the sending of recent commands by simply press a button. All the customized activities are synchronized with all the other devices in the house by means of The Cloud Service.

VoicePod Mobile VoicePod Mobile will run on any iPhone™, iPod Touch™ or iPad™ with iOS Version 6.0 or higher installed or any Android phone or tablet with Version 4.1 or higher installed. Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connectivity is required. Operation outside the home’s network requires a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or a forwarded port on the network firewall.

Demo Site and VoicePod Cloud Service Licenses
VoicePod Mobile is available for iOS devices (and shortly also for Android). The app is for free and available on the App Store (as a app for Iphone). The app, without the license, allow to control a simulated demo house for let you become familiar with the Voicepod’s funcionalities. To control a real house you need to purchase a license for the VoicePod Cloud Service.
For any info about prices, license types and purchase please contact us at voicepod@v3elettroimpianti.it filling the form below.

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