Video Surveillance

Our company works in collaboration with Mobotix, the first manufacturer of IP cameras able to store uniform high resolution video streams audio included.

The main points which these articles’s philosophy is based on:

images rich in details, 30 times bigger than the 95% of the other systems in the world.
the absence of any mobile parts, heating or fans allow the functioning in hostile climate conditions, from -30°C to +60°C and reduced maintenance – weatherproof, standard IP65.
Integrated Software:
every camera does integrate event detection, data storage, alarm and telephony.
Decentralized Architecture:  
reduced data storage requirements, recording computer not required, management software already installed inside the camera, recording on MicroSD, NAS or USB-stick.
Dedicated App to iOS devices:  
iPhone and iPad – live image control, access to recordings, telephony, automatic resize of the images depending on device, connection, etc.

The high quality and the adaptability of the products offered have allowed Mobotix to spread both to big structures and to private areas.

The integrated software of the cameras is also a strong point, as it increases the application settings range. Its main features are:

  • Extremely low network load (transmission of already elaborated data only when necessary)
  • Intelligent recording occurs only when necessary (movement, door opening, alarm triggering, noise, etc.)
  • Maximum image quality in every condition (lighting variations and hostile metereological conditions)
  • MxPEG Codec specifically designed for video surveillance applications
  • Chromatic analysis of movement detection
  • Counting line function, to show how many people/objects pass by a specific entrance/line
  • Alarm management
  • Email notification