Healthcare – Hospital

Healthcare is one of the setting where the two factors of reliability and security are even more crucial. V3 Elettro Impianti operates inside of the Consortium Optimus which provides a wide range of services from the bathroom fixtures to the special walls for the operating theatres, plant design included. For the hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and every other, V3 offers the following services:

  • Implementations:
    – Electrical system at the structure service (from the distribution switchboards to the sockets and lighting for each room).
    – Special systems (data transmissions, fire alarm, wirings for thermostatic temperature control/HVAC, emergency lights, etc.).
  • Ordinary/Scheduled Maintenance:
    – Operation check, with periodicities linked to the best practice.
    – Earth resistance measurement, continuity testing, insulation tests.
    – RCD (Residual Current protective Device) break time test.
    – General maintenance or specific check are negotiable on demand, our company has a number of measuring tools certified and calibrated.
  • Extraordinary/Urgent Maintenance:
    – Prompt intervention for the urgent reactivation of the electrical functionality of the establishment.