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Installation and use of video projection and audio transmission systems

The digital transformation has given rise to new information communication tools through sounds and images.

In the retail – industrial – entertainment – training classrooms – meeting / conference rooms and in all those sectors where impact and immediate communication is required, video is the tool to use. The main dynamic image projection techniques are:

Videowall (placing monitors with LED technology suitable for digital signage)

Ledwall (adding high brightness LED panels specific for ledwalls)

Video projection (single or multiple with Edge Blending technique)

The choice of the type of projection varies according to the type and place of use.
A fundamental role is played by the video signal management and transmission system, now oriented towards IP systems or derived from it. Important requirements are knowledge of data transmission networks and possession of verification tools.


The technologies we use for video signal management are:

Video matrices




IP switch with high transmission capacity

Audio today plays a fundamental role in the listening experience inside and outside the infrastructures. The use of mobile devices such as smartphones has raised the quality of perception of sound. Today the user expects a higher level of audio quality than in the past.

Music / audio support has become almost exclusively digital both for musical content but also for new forms of audio listening such as audiobooks, podcasts and thematic radios that can be listened both on the internet and on the DAB (digital audio broadcast) platform.

Our solution is the use of audio systems that combine the quality of the speakers with devices connected to the network for the use of streaming services with the possibility of integrating with home and building automation systems.

Also in this case the data transmission network plays a role of primary importance both wired and Wi-Fi. The use of Wi-Fi guarantees good performances only for audio.