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Firewall installation and IT security management

Firewall installation and IT security management

“Hardware is easy to protect: lock it in a room, chain it to a desk or buy a spare. Information poses more of a problem: it can exist in more than one place, be transported halfway across the planet in seconds and be stolen without your knowledge”
Bruce Schneier

In a world where more and more services are linked to the Internet, the Network security’s issue is too often underestimated: as a matter of fact when its effects show up, it’s usually too late.

Whether for companies or privates, talking about web surfing or data protection, the story is the same: a service which is not safe enough, doesn’t fulfill its function.


A correctly set up firewall allows to significantly increase the network security because, by placing itself between your network and the internet, allows to prevent unauthorized accesses, just like the Customs Authorities.

Firewalls are often known as programs which protect single computers, but they also can be independent devices that protect the whole local network, by implementing functions as the one of analysis and control of data and accesses (QoS, black/white list, application control), the function of email protection and creation of protected VPN tunnels and virtual LANs. These functions, and much more, are what Watchguard products make possible to do.

Network security is a very delicate topic, always in evolution; the combined used of hardware and software firewalls and rasing user awareness about simple common-sense rules on the internet security will significantly reduce the network threats risk.

Since 1999, Watchguard has identified the 10 main menaces/threats to data security of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Here it is the review of this study:

Insider attacks
Lack of contingency
Poor configuration leading to compromise
Reckless use of hotel networks and kiosks
Reckless use of Wi-Fi hot spots
Data lost on a portable device
Web server compromise
Reckless web surfing by employees (the sites that spread the most spyware were, in order: Celebrity fan sites , Casual gaming sites , Porn sites)
Malicious HTML email
Automated exploit of a known vulnerability

[…] Sadly, our appliances cannot stop your employees from losing portable devices.) We can help you secure your wireless network, check the integrity of clients requesting access to your network, filter spam, proxy web services, minimize insider threats, create VPNs, and much more.

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